3 Types Of Materials That You Can Get For Your Entrance Door

Every house needs a good entrance door to ensure protection, privacy and appearance to your house. Still, people can get confused a bit once it comes to choosing the material for the door. A lot of fabrication services in Leeds can offer various types, designs and materials but people cannot make the right choice sometimes. For that reason, we present you this article to explain a few things about the materials and their use.

Wood for the appearance and customization

This is the most popular choice that can be highly customized according to your preferences. These allow more personalization and decoration, which is the main reason why people opt for these. The wood door really do look cool and natural so it is one of the best choices if you are aiming at the appearance.

Wooden door
Wood for the appearance and customization

Still, unlike other (artificial) materials, wood can “bend” over time due to the weather elements. This can cause breaks, poor air sealing attributes and overall poor performance of the door as the wood is sensitive to outdoor influence. In case you are living in a climate where you have a lot of rain, you might want to skip this material as you will have to replace after a few years. Though look cool, these are not for the rainy climates and tropical environments.

Fiberglass for durability

Fiberglass is not the natural material, but it surely offers much more durability than any other material, except maybe metal. These are available in many different colors, and can be even painted in the natural wood color if you want the wood ones, but cannot use them due to the climate problems. Unlike the wood door, fiberglass one will not lose air sealing characteristics neither will bend over the time due to the outdoor conditions.

These come with the insulation, usually in form of foam, to give more protection against the cold weather. When you compare wood and fiberglass, the latter are a bit more expensive. But for the price you pay, you get long-term savings on many sides. Therefore, you will not make a mistake if you choose the fiberglass over the wood.

Steel for safety

Though steel is not mainly used for the entrance door, these types of door become more and more popular. If you are having a huge estate and would like to ensure the top level of security, consider installing the steel door. Steel is of course much heavier than any wood, but this also means that the intruders will have a hard time to break in or to tear it apart.

These can withstand extreme weather conditions but the repair could be hard and you will often have to change the whole door. These are also available in many designs and forms, so do not be afraid that you will not be able to customize these. They are also insulated with foam to offer more insulation and protection against the cold days.