Green Woodworking

Working with unseasoned or wet wood refers to green woodworking. When you work with wood that has recently felled and is freshly cut, it contains lots of water which causes shrinkage while evaporating. The shrinkage produces a tight fit which is a natural benefit because the wetness is necessary for green woodworking and that is what makes green woodworking a bit different from the rest of woodworking.

The trick is to produce softer flowing surfaces and that is one of the main techniques. By shaping green coppice wood, you get a surface with increased strength while still following the grain. This increased strength is because of the wood’s linear fibers which remain intact. Freshly cut wood remains green even after a year if you leave it in a round log before you start working on it.

Modern carpentry and green woodworking differ not only in the techniques but also in tools and set of skills that are required. Green woodworking also requires a person to know and understand that each tree differs by character and nature of wood. Therefore, green woodworking is more applied in arts than it is in home improvement industry.

Woodworking industry advanced a lot in the last ten years but in the beginning, all woodworking was green woodworking. In time, it evolved to much more sophisticated techniques. Unseasoned and pliable wood is soft and perfect for shaping, but once it has been worked, it would simply dry over time. A seasoned wood is no longer green and therefore it is not usable within the green woodworking techniques.

When it comes to carpentry and home improvements, green woodworking found its place relatively easily. Home crafts, furniture making but expressive arts as well, there are many disciplines and techniques when it comes to green woodworking.

There are many benefits of green woodworking but the most prominent ones would be its softness which makes it perfect and easy to work with hand tools and the fact that most products are made from coppiced hardwood as coppicing has proved to be a very sustainable system which gives the highest quality wood.