Portfolio of Our Custom Doors and Windows

We have a premiere list of residential and institutional installations for you to view. Styles range from historic reproduction to modern classic.


Barn HouseNew windows and doors for a 19th century barn converted into a single-family residence. The narrow muntin true divided light sash were tailored to look like old barn sash.



Pool HouseThese mahogany stave core doors are laminated at high heat and pressure in our press with waterproof adhesives. The result is a door that stands up to time and the elements. Multi-Point stainless steel hardware from Hoppe is the best we have found. These locks have Euro standard spindle size. There are literally hundreds of different trim-plate and lever options.



Quarter Sawn EntryThis massive quarter-sawn white oak entry represents the level of craftsmanship that is our hallmark. The members of this door were lovingly made using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, all our doors and windows use this method. Our goal is to produce products that will last as long as it took the tree they were made from to grow.



White Oak Entry - ExteriorThese weight & chain double-hung windows and one French door make this dining room addition for a Vermont potter a warm sunny place to start the day. Small projects like this are welcome at Benson Woodworking. We devote as much attention to detail and customer service to projects like this as we do to our large ones.



NantucketNantucket is a challenge. These windows are installed using the Hurricane clips we provide with all our jobs. This, along with our sound design and engineering, give coastal customers peace of mind when those Nor’ Easters blow.


Shingle StyleThese Shingle Style casements were designed to look like turn-of-the-century windows. Our custom nautical brass push bar operators work through the screen and give that extra detail of authenticity. The cast casement latches are of our own design. We engineered them to work in unison with the high performance Swiss gaskets that we use.


CustomWe aid architects during the design process, helping them engineer a pleasing elevation within the customer’s budget. Our research, design, and engineering are a greatly appreciated part of our total service.


Warm Edge True DivideThis project in Westchester County, NY introduced our warm-edge true divided light glazing system to the market. The response has been overwhelming. The Edge-Tech spacer that we use is available in many colors and has no unsightly desiccant holes. With this new technology we are able to produce muntins as narrow as 7/8” and replacement sash as thin as 1-3/8”. When combined with our faux-putty muntin (see drawings) the windows have a convincing, rustic look.


Reproduction CasementsThe reproduction casements used in the conversion of this old cobblestone stable make it an attractive new home for a Westchester interior designer and her family. We really enjoy working on projects that adaptively re-use existing structures. The initial site work to ascertain the original details and incorporate them in the new windows is one of our many design services.