Frequently Asked Questions

eyebrow dormer

Since 1978, J.S. Benson Woodworking & Design has created custom doors and true divided light windows. These are the questions we hear most often when we talk to prospective clients.


How much does your product cost?

Due to the fact that our windows and doors are not off-the-shelf but custom made, every window and door price is different depending on the size and specifications. For a ballpark quote, please fax or send us your blue prints with all pertinent information.

What types of hardware do you use?

All cast metal in various finishes and styles. Samples of the types of window hardware that we used are at the site of our supplier, Bronze Craft, which has been making premium hardware since 1944.

With true divided lights and insulated glass, how narrow a muntin can you provide?


What are your spacer options?

Aluminum spacers are available either painted or annodized. Warm edge spacers by Edgetech are available in many colors. The warm edge spacer is a patented structural foam that reduces condensation.

Why don’t you make SDL (simulated divided light windows). Aren’t they cheaper?

In our experience they are sometimes cheaper in the short run but not in the long run. Our TDL (true divided light) muntins allow broken panes to be replaced using the extra “attic stock”, which we provide with each job, using local help. SDL sash when broken are an expensive and time consuming repair often requiring new sash to be made. The thermal performance of our TDL warm edge glazing is on par or better than that of monolithic SDL glazing. Our warm-edge spacer allows us to build insulating units with a wide selection of restoration glass. This cannot be accomplished with an SDL system. There are many other technical reasons why we have chosen to specialize in TDL sash, but leave it to say that our customers’ enthusiastic response to the look of these windows has been the biggest one.