These Types Of Fences Are The Best For Your Home

Getting the right fence for your home is not just a matter of a design and an appealing look, but also security which is crucial to have a safe home. Before you start with fencing, you should know the types of fences that you can find and their advantages, so in this article, we will explain a few types of these that are widely used. Of course, you can always install it on your own, but if you have a big garden, it is recommended to hire a professional who will work on this task. Click to find out more about fencing at this site!


Although this type is not that strong and does not provide 100% of security to your home, it is still one of the cheapest and budget-friendly types you can choose. The aluminum fence is usually installed on the places where the size of the garden is not that big and where the maintenance is on the first place.

Aluminum-type Fences
Aluminum-type Fences are best for your home

The maintenance is easy as you only need to choose the right paint and protect it against the conditions. It looks beautiful, does not require a lot of maintenance and it is relatively cheap, so it makes it one of the most common types of fences you can find.


Unlike the previous type, wood gives more privacy to your home, especially when it is a tall one. Also, it gives a more natural look to your home and makes it more attractive, unlike an aluminum one that is a bit “cold” and unnatural.

Light wood fence
Easy to maintain wooden fence

Still, the taller the fence, the more will cost you, but you will enjoy more privacy in your yard. While these are not that easy to install, they provide the lifetime protection when covered with the right type of paint and coating that will protect the material from weather conditions. Also, keep in mind that the type of wood plays a significant role when it comes to the longevity of the fence.


Needless to say, this is the fence that will last longer than you would probably live, as the PVC is the artificial material that can withstand the extreme weather conditions. Relatively cheap, this is the primary choice for all small gardens where the security is not that important.

PVC-type fence
Is the PVC-type fence best choice ?

They do provide security and stability, but these cannot be compared to a wooden fence or wrought iron one. It is easily installed (usually by fastening screws and crossbars) and available in many color variations. If you are looking for a budget-friendly fence that will last for a long time, PVC fence is your choice.

Wrought iron-type 

These are often seen in classy neighbors as these are the most expensive ones. A fantastic castle-like look and high level of security will make your home appealing and highly attractive. Still, these must be maintained, usually sanded or painted, every two to three years after the installation and have in mind that these are always custom-made, which will drastically increase the price.