Custom Windows

One of our particular services that we are so proud of is making custom windows. It’s what we call a made to order offering and we make it possible just for you. You think of what you want and we turn your thoughts into reality right in front of your eyes. So custom built windows is the actual woodworking that we prefer and if it is not already found in our regular standard, we can make it for you. We offer our clients to choose how they want their windows.

Beveled or stained glass, most intricate and interesting grille designs, angled or curved frames, most unique shapes and extra wide to extra tall sizes. We urge our clients to share their inspiration with us as well as ideas because we know how people can get creative and there is nothing that we like more than to work with people with amazing ideas.

Exceptional details, inspired design, custom windows are all about the detail and innovation. We can build it for you no matter the shape, size, style or design, virtually everything is possible if we put a little bit of imagination in our mutual efforts. Now, when it comes to custom windows, it’s all about special shapes. It’s in our interest to achieve a custom look while still maintaining a competitive price that would be affordable to our clients.

We value your ideas

That is why, after hearing out what you have to say, we offer multiple design possibilities that can range from contemporary angles to graceful curves. We have over 20 special shapes of windows that we can offer you right away and the trick with custom windows is that they come in custom and standard sizes with multiple grille options.

windowsOur window combinations will easily give you the much desired custom look even when using just simple and standard factory assembled windows. Before you can place your order, the only thing to do is to choose a window type so that we can move on to the next step. The most usual types of windows are casement, slider, double hung and single hung windows. Customer windows allow our clients to make a smart choice and save money.

That is what we like to call pay smart, buy smart. We have found a connection between home improvement, woodworking and design and by putting these three all together, we can make any home improvement project possible. We also found out that when it comes to replacement windows, it is always better to go with custom solutions. Still, we put everything in the hands of our clients as we absolutely trust in their decisions. It is their satisfaction that matters.