The Design & Manufacturing Process

Since 1978 J.S. Benson Woodworking & Design has successfully served nearly 150 clients. Here, by and large, is how the process goes.

J.S. Benson Woodworking Workshop

Estimating Costs: To start an estimate for custom doors or windows, we need to talk to you about quantities and sizes. We will also need you to specify certain options such as hardware finish, glazing type, wood species, screens, and any other important specifications.

Designing: We work with your architect and builder to coordinate aesthetic details with practical design considerations. We can send CAD drawings electronically to expedite the design approvals.

In case that you are interested in our styles, it will please you to know that our styles vary in a very wide range but mostly revolve around modern classic and historic reproduction. In some particular cases where our clients require it of us, we can even include pine in the woodworking process for the historical purposes and exactitude. We enjoy in these historic endeavors pretty much so if you are in need of such services, you can absolutely count on us to get it done. Restoration is a very important part of both home improvements and woodworking and we do it with pleasure.

Now, for you view, we have prepared a rather long list of installations that we do. We work with both institutional and residential installations. Reproduction, design, architecture, we prefer any style that goes in the favor of our clients as nothing is more important to us than their ultimate satisfaction. Before we start any of our projects, we like to go through all the details necessary with you and your architect, in case that you hired one so that we rest assured that all details are clear to us. After that, the only thing left to do is get the job done.

stuffManufacturing: Our broad knowledge of wood, hardware, finishing systems, and architectural history allows us to build an extremely durable product. Down to the most intricate hardware detail, every aspect of our work is tailored to perform above the expectations of our discriminating clientele.

Installation is not included in the price of our packages.

Guarantees: Cabot guarantees their 3-part finishing system (which we use) for 15 years. Our glass manufacturer guarantees insulated units for 10 years. In addition, we guarantee our windows and doors for 5 years.

CAD Drawings
These are two samples of the many drawings we have prepared for clients. Please click on a drawing if you would like to see it in a larger size.