How to restore your wood door

If you have a front door made of wood that needs restoration, you have to know that such door is always a great home’s curb appeal. That means that it is definitely worth it to restore it. The exposure to frost, snow, rain, wind and sunlight wears down your front door as the wood gets worn out over time because of the environmental influences.

This is nothing to worry about as it’s normal and the damage, no matter how significant it may look, can be easily repaired. It’s essential to know that all wood doors require a special kind of attention when it comes to maintenance but a good thing is that if properly maintained, they can last for decades. If you didn’t maintain it regularly, they’ll probably require a serious restoration.

Before you can do anything, the best thing to do would be to remove the door by taking it off the hinges and then lay it flat down. It would be most recommended that you lay it down on a pair of sawhorses to avoid any damage from happening. Doors made from solid wood tend to be extremely heavy so having some help might be extremely useful.

Such endeavor would be best left in the capable hands of home improvement companies and their professional and experienced staff who can also help you with the necessary details on how to restore your door in the future. After you remove it from the hinges, remove all hardware and sand your doors down.

Be very careful while doing it because they need to be fully clean before you can move on to the next step. After all this, you can now apply a stain, which will refresh the texture of the wood and make it look like it’s fresh out of the factory. Make sure the wood gets saturated with the stain. The next in line is exterior varnish but you can move on to this step only after the stain gets fully dry. Reinstall hardware and hang the door back on the hinges. They’re now good as new.