The Best Paints For Your Home

One of the most delicate processes in home improvement is picking the right paint for your furniture, floor or walls. While a lot of people think that is just a simple task, it is actually far more than that. Before you choose your favorite color, you need to get the right type of paint. A Centre Colours is one of the most distinguished paint producers that can offer you a wide range of available paint but before you decide to visit them, read this article to prepare yourself and gain enough knowledge to pick the right paint for the right surface.

Rennaissance Chalk – Interior wood furniture

If you want to paint your interior furniture, Rennaissance Chalk Finish is your number one pick. The first good thing about this manufacturer is that requires no sanding prior to painting. The acrylic structure will provide a smooth finish on your furniture, especially when you apply two-layer painting technique.

Rennaissance Chalk - Interior wood furniture
Renaissance Chalk style

It will give you the vintage look while your furniture will be dried in about 30 minutes. Just have in mind that you should wait 20 minutes before applying the second coat of paint on your furniture. The best part is that the paint does not contain any toxic chemicals neither requires any preparation for the painting. The only downside is that is aimed only for interior painting.

Kilz Porch & patio paint for wood floors

Thinking of painting your wood floor and can’t decide which paint to choose? This is an excellent choice that will protect your floor from scratching or peeling! You can apply this paint to cement, metal or masonry surfaces but the best results are visible on the wood floors and decks.

Although the paint dries out quickly, within an hour, the best results will come if you wait for 4-5 hours before applying another layer of paint to get the smooth and crystal-clear look of your floor.

Kilz Porch & patio paint for wood floors
Patio paint for wood floors

The paint can be sprayed, brushed or rolled over the outdoor wood surfaces to protect it from weather and provide a nice and clean look. There is no need to apply any primer or pre-coat before you apply this paint., regardless of whether you use it on the interior or exterior surface.

Kilz Exterior – barn and fence paint

All those who have a dilemma which paint should be a good choice for their fence, Killz exterior barn and fence paint will be the best protection against the weather and external elements! Your fence will be secured against the mold, rust and cracking while it will shine for a lot of time before you need to re-paint it again.

Kilz Exterior - barn and fence paint
Barn and fence paint tips

Have in mind that you MUST clean and sand-down the surface prior to the paint application as it contains the primer inside of its structure. This oily paint lasts long, it is easily applied and can be applied to cement, metal, wood or stucco materials.

The only con of this paint is that you must not use the back-roll application technique as it can easily create uneven coverage on the surface.