Millwork in New England

New England Millwork is known to care for the customers and their satisfaction. When it comes to sheer quality, Millwork delivers only the top quality lumber and wood products. They offer a wide variety of products such as specialty products or custom made products, thresholds, sills, treads, railing systems, posts, columns and moldings.

It is possible to order by phone and all of their clients are extremely satisfied with the result. Millwork care for their customers in every sense of that word and nothing is more important to them than their satisfaction. This company exists for more than 70 years so it is absolutely safe to say that all those years of experience made them number one in the business.

One of their main characteristics is that they deal with wholesales and they are very dedicated to delivering the highest quality lumber Millwork and building products to all their clients. They also work with many well-known and established brands such as Turncraft, Iron Away, Ultra Flex, Resin Art, Fypon and White River.

Their team of experienced professionals, specialized in woodworking and carpentry, has all the necessary qualifications to handle any project put before them no matter the size and complexity. The bigger the challenge the better for them. Their favorite products are moldings and they have an extensive selection of pine, fir and primed trims and moldings in more than 20 different styles.

Their White River Hardwood moldings are literally famous for their highest quality and the fact they were hand carved. These special moldings are available if all sizes and wood species. Such moldings are simply perfect for any type of interior, especially when it comes to any type of furniture and cabinetry.

On top of all this, they are specialized in all types of curved work such as dentils or crowns. They can make anything out of wood and with such a wide selection of elegant additions, their stellar craftsmanship will be the finest possible addition to your home. If you are looking for the best of the best among lumber and wood products wholesalers, Millwork is the best.