Materials and Options

J.S. Benson Woodworking & Design, L.L.C. is known for its high-end custom windows and doors. We usually work in pattern mahogany. We do offer a range of options:

Although we prefer to work with pattern grade mahogany, we can use most hardwoods. Where historic exactitude requires it, we can use pine. We can also laminate mahogany and other hardwoods together, to give the stability and weather resistance of mahogany on the outside, leaving the other desired hardwood (such as ash) visible on the inside.

Green woodworking is also part of our services as we are quite familiar with these special techniques that are required for it and we are into all sorts home improvements, carpentry and design related to any sort of woodwork. Our love for mahogany comes from its amazing characteristics as we realized that the finest woodwork requires the finest wood and mahogany is the finest wood that you can find in the world. There some other woods that are similar in quality but nothing has the color, shape and texture of a mahogany and therefore, the finest woodworking is in mahogany.

That is why we prefer it even though it is not necessary to be only mahogany, we can combine multiple hardwoods to give you the desired product and we can include other carpentry techniques to get the best possible result. We are always opened from all sorts of suggestions and recommendations as we would be more than happy to work with your architect or a builder. All aesthetic details and practical design considerations can be easily coordinated if we work all together as the end result must be a perfect product and customer’s satisfaction. Feel free to share your ideas with us.

Hardware Options. We use various suppliers of American and European hardware in bronze, brass, stainless steel or other desired hardware finishes.

wood1Finish Options. All windows and doors can be produced either clear-sealed or primed and top-coated. For a top-coated system, we first apply Cabot’s bleed resistant coating, Tannin-Bloc, followed by Cabot’s Factory Finish oil- based Primer and top-coated with Cabot’s “Finish” with Teflon Surface Protector. Cabot guarantees this 3-part system for 15 years.

Screen Options. We can make screens to fit any door or window. We typically use either bronze or fibreglass mesh.

Window Options. We make all types of windows: single hung, double hung, picture, bow, awning, hopper, round, half round, casement, and French.

Glazing Technique. Our unique muntin profile is engineered to maximize the longevity of the glazing seal. The individual panes of the true divided light windows are set, from the inside, into a bed of silicon sealant. This forms a continuous gasket. The lights are secured by interior wooden stops, profiled to match any sticking style.

Glass. All windows can be ordered single or double-glazed depending on your specific application. We offer dual sealed insulated units using clear annealed glass. Optional insulated units include Low E coated, argon filled tempered, safety laminated and restoration glass. We recommend using LOF Low E insulated glass that has the same look as normal glass but reduces the energy used to heat and cool your home or business. The leaded stained glass is available through one of our local artisans and we are happy to work with existing panels provided by the customer.

Door Options. We manufacture mahogany stave core doors. All of our doors use mortice and tenon joinery. Teak sills are also available. We make French doors that can replicate those of any historic period. We also make custom entryways, handcrafted to last many generations.