Passivhaus Doors

Just like any other industry in a world of today, woodworking and carpentry industries are also advancing with each passing day. Every day, there are new standards as the demands are ever growing. With that in mind, we would like to introduce the best and the finest woodworking product up to date, Passivhaus Doors. What makes these doors so special is the exacting standards for air tightness and thermal insulation but also the engineering expertise.

Since every industry is at its peak today, we can safely say that Passivhaus doors are top notch when it comes to any type or kind of woodworking and carpentry. Such expertise in engineering special door systems needs precision and absolute skill so that is exactly why these doors are the best solution if you are having problems with thermal insulation.

The standards that were applied to make such doors will provide the customers with more than exceptional thermal insulation properties and these Passivhaus doors are certified for IQ Glass and the highest insulation values. Put in simple words, if you are looking to buy the perfect door systems, Passivhaus should be your number one choice without any doubt.

The best insulation option by far

doors1The standards in construction industry changed as well and companies are looking for alternative and natural ways how to build Eco Home designs and all other sorts of zero carbon projects which require extremely high levels of insulation. That is how they came up with Passivehaus doors which immediately showed some extraordinary results when it comes to insulation.

In other words, such doors will easily allow you to achieve the highest thermal performance in your home. In addition to all these, Passivhaus doors are inward opening doors which only adds to its already aforementioned high thermal performance. These doors are also composite doors and they ensure highest levels of air tightness.

Therefore, their doors are inwards opening so that they can maintain the necessary air tightness. There are two frames in it, external aluminum and internal timer frames and this combination create the required high levels of insulation. There is one very interesting thing about those two frames, the aluminum frame actually protects the timber frame which ensures low maintenance.

Passivhaus doors are available in various timber frames such as Larch, Meranti, Oak, Spruce and Pine. When it comes to finish, design and frame sizes, the options are multiple.