Mahogany windows

Known as one of the finest woods in the whole world, mahogany was literally extinct at one point due to merciless exploitation. Havana wood also known as baywood, is a type of Cuban mahogany which is considered to be the top mahogany and the biggest national treasure in Cuba. Mahogany is simply perfect as a cabinet wood and its qualities are more than amazing.

Therefore, it makes it perfect for any kind of woodwork what so ever. People soon realized that mahogany is the best option when it comes to a fine furniture wood and it became a symbol of fashionable furniture quite fast. Its characteristics such as beauty and hardness made it very popular.

These characteristics also made it usable for almost all woodworking and furniture applications because of its dimensions, fine woodworking qualities, beautiful and very rich color, strong and crisp texture. All these characteristics made this fine wood perfect for doors and windows.

Because of its distinctive color and density, this wood has a very interesting look and that makes it number one choice when it comes to finest woodworks. People prefer mahogany windows because they usually add a decorative factor to their interior and exterior.

Stylish and elegant look in your home

This wood found its use in much more than just windows, it is one of the most popular wood for instruments or carvings. If you choose to go with mahogany windows, you can expect easy care, wide range and selection of frame profiles and mahogany windows are very configurable with exterior and interior window sill of your home.

To achieve the modern and classy look in your home, you will go with mahogany windows for sure. The color doesn’t have to be necessarily brown, you can choose from a wide assortment of several very attractive and attention capturing shades. In order to achieve the elegant and stylish look in your home, adding mahogany wood windows would be the finest choice you can make.

There are numerous options to achieve that same look without using the actual wood as well. There are modern decorative foils that are available in various mahogany shades. These foils are much easier to maintain and give away the exact same impression of the real thing. Still, for ultimate feel, class and stylish look, you might want to go with the real wood as the smell also matters greatly.