Types of wood perfect for woodworking

Many people who are not into woodworking think that any wood is good to work with. However, those who have some knowledge in woodworking know that is not true for so many different reasons. Just like any other material, wood has its own characteristics, quality, various properties and best use where it gives the most. If you work with wood, you know how important it is to know different types of wood as not every type is good for every type of work.

Depending on what you want to do and make, you choose a suitable wood type to get the best of your woodworking project. Every seasoned woodworker has their own preferable type of wood but if you ask any of the real experts they will tell you that the most recommended thing to do is to do a bit of research before you get into it. The type of woodworking wood will greatly determine the success of your project so it would be wise to learn as much as you can about, at least, the basic characteristics of the most recommended types of wood for woodworking.

For example, Ash is strong and heavy with a coarse texture which makes it perfect for curved boat parts, furniture, tool handles, hockey sticks and bats while Butternut is perfect for cabinets and carvings. That means that you can make a cabinet out of Ash but it would take more time and effort than if you would go with Butternut. Simple things like these will determine the level of difficulty while working with wood.

Knowing different types of wood makes it easier

Instead of working hard, try working smart. Along with Ash and Butternut, Cherry, Hard Maple, Mahogany, Pine, Rosewood, Teak, Walnut, Red and White Oak are the best woods to work with. It is also good to know, that solid wood is mostly used for any piece of furniture. The type also determines the strength and aesthetics of your finished piece. Even though there is a huge variety of wood at your disposal, knowing the properties of each type of wood will make you stand out from the rest.


That is exactly why we as a woodworking company have chosen to go with Mahogany because it is our preferable type of wood that gives the finest and most sophisticated results that put us on top of the list. Since we make doors and windows, we can only say that if you ask us, Mahogany is the best wood for such purposes.

Doors and windows are the first things someone sees before they enter your home. based on the looks of your doors and windows someone might get a picture of you, an impression. Mahogany windows and doors give style, class and beauty to your home. In fact, each wood has its own beauty just like it has its own properties. That is why sophisticated woodworkers choose their wood really carefully as they seek perfection in their works.